Anne Arundel Plan2040

The Annual Progress Report on Plan2040 provides summary statistics on the status of the Plan2040 goals, policies, and strategies as of the end of calendar year 2022. It also highlights some of the achievements that occurred in 2022. The appendix provides a brief update on all of the 400+ strategies with descriptions and performance measures.

You can see the report here.


Scenic Rivers Land Trust: Garman Sawmill Property

Posted 7/9/19


MD Forest Conservation Act

Posted 11/17

PDF, 5.4 mb

Conservation Easements

Posted 11/17
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In 2017, Anne Arundel County announced an unprecedented $1 million investment in forest protection. Since the beginning, $2.3 million in grants have been made through this program for seven landowners to protect 411 acres of priority forest, fields and wetlands.

Partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Scenic Rivers Land Trust (SRLT), the county is using existing Forest Conservation Act funds for the innovative grant program to provide landowners with cash incentives to put conservation easements on forested properties or properties appropriate for tree planting. Forest Conservation Act funds come from fee-in-lieu payments from developers when trees must be cut down for development and cannot be replanted onsite.

Features of this program include:

  • Payments of $3,000+ per acre
  • Landowners still own and enjoy their land
  • Assistance provided for forest management
  • No public access required
  • Land must be placed in a perpetual conservation easement with SRLT.

For more information, Contact Rick Leader at or 410-310-6541

Anne Arundel County Green Infrastructure Master Plan

Posted 11/17
Anne Arundel County Green Infrastructure Master Plan pdf